Naso Ekezie

Naso Ekezie; The Nollywood Actress Who Doesn’t Wear Pants Anymore

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Nigerian performing actress Naso Ekezie has made it understood she isn’t among the various females who still wear pant/underwear. According to the brisk rising performing actress, she critically requires a man who may love her for her.

She says in an interview;

I’m single and available. I am looking for someone who fame doesn’t entice or effect. Also require someone who may be patient enough to know me and not look at me from the on-screen aspect. I would love someone who views me as Nazo and not as a performing actress continually.

Right now, I honestly want to be in a serious relationship. I should be with someone I adore, someone who appreciates me as me, anyway not as an on-screen character or film star. ”

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The Actress continued:

I should be with a person that truly knows me, a person who treasures me and willing to relate with me as Nazo and not as a performing actress. That one is so fundamental. I’m not keeping an eye out to marry an (Aliko) Dangote but instead, my man ought to be Comfortable. He should have the ability to provide for me.”

On pant stealers; I may sound like a broken record anyway but I don’t wear pants any more. I’m not going to joke with my destiny, and if I’m taking any of my articles of clothing off wherever my pant is going straight into my bag.

Ekezie quietly released her original entitled, Flawed, featuring Ebere Okaro, Mofe Duncan and diverse on-screen characters.

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