Do You Believe In The Omnipotence Of God?

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Good morning folks…listen to this

The fact that God’s omnipotence and the concept of free will are mutually exclusive and one cannot exist if the other exists. In short, if God knows the future then we don’t have free will, and if we have free will. God cannot know the future. Think about it.

The most popular answer i’m going to get with this question here is that God gives man a myriad of choices and he knows the potential outcome of each choice and then he leaves the choices to man. But are you guys saying God being all knowing does not know the choices you’II make before making them?

Let me chip this in, if God is all knowing then he knows where you are going already, heaven or hell. I hope you can see the irony in that.

Most of you haven’t heard of the paradox of Omniscience, which goes like “Can God create a stone so heavy that he cannot lift it? If God is Omniscient and he can do anything then surely he must be able to create a stone he can’t lift. But if he can’t lift it, that’s something he can’t do. Think also about this.

So the all knowing nature of God and the fact that he cannot be wrong strips you of your free will to decide what will happen in the future. The only way free will maybe possible is if you don’t believe God is all knowing…Hence my stance that they cannot be mutually exclusive.

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Lastly, I need someone to explain to me why we were given a choice to live freely yet we are to parish if we choose one path. Why isn’t the path blocked in the first place? Why are we given the option if our choice might lead to destruction and He doesn’t want us destroyed.

Lets start thinking about this. Have a great week guys.

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